All over Italy and worldwide shipping.
2/3 workdays delivery for available goods. Unavailable goods usually need from one to four weeks to be delivered. Goods availability is shown on our website.

When you get a shipment, it is strongly recommended to:

* Check that the number of packages agrees with the one on the transport document;
* Check that the received goods agree with the ordered goods;
* Check that the package and tape are both whole, undamaged, unopened, dry and not tampered in any way.

In case of any shipment delay, damage or difference between the goods received and the goods on the transport document must be immediately  contested to the courier writing "goods unchecked" or "subject to checks", specifying the number of damaged packages, when signing the document. Also endorse it via email to dmfit.it within 7 days. The package must be checked within 7 days anyway, even without any evident damage. In case of unevident damages, they must be reported to DMfit.it. Any request sent after 7 days will not be considered. Responsibilities of each statement are owned by our clients. It is not possible to make any contestation after signing the document.