Terms and Conditions

Please read, understand, and follow all instructions, precautions, and warnings prior to using Dmfit products on pressurized systems. Failure to follow all instructions, precautions, and warnings may result in bodily harm or property damage.

Warnings and Precautions

1 - Fittings are not recommended for use with liquids other than water and food or beverage products. Where fittings may be used with other chemicals contact DMT for advice.

2 - Do not disassemble or modify the individual product, as this may cause a product malfunction, leak, or failture and voids the product warranty.

3 - Do not over-stress the fitting by rotation, twist, bending, shock, fatigue, or other excess force, This may damage the fitting and cause malfuction, leak, or failure and voids the product warranty.

4 - Do not use the product where ambient temperature or fluid temperature may exceed 65°C (150°F) in domestic environment Food & Drink, inderstrial Pneumatic. This may damage the fitting and cause malfuction, leak, or failure.

5 - Do not use pipe dope or other liquid thread sealers. Use only Teflon tape to seal threaded connections.

6 - If your plumbed line is used as an electrical ground, you must use a jumper wire to provide continuity across plastic fittings and tubing.

7 - Never press collets toward the body unless attempting to separate tubing from a fitting in an unpressurized line. The use of the DMfit Locking Clip is advised to restrict inadvertent disassembly of connections.

8 - DMT reserves the right to modify the product from time-to-time as required for quality improvement and per market requirements. Actual product may differ from pictures shown.

9 - Connecting DMfit products to tubing or connecting elements other than DMfit products is not warranted for performance. Always perform any checks and testing necessary to verify acceptable function.

10 - Before making any tube connection, verify that the end of the tube has been cut squarely and there are no scratches on the tube O.D within 30mm of the end.

11 - When making a tube connection, occasionally a gripping of the tube may occur just as the tube begins to pass through the o-ring, although the seal is not yet made. In this case, push the tube deeply once more to complete assembly of the connection. Failure to completely seat the tube into the fitting may cause a leak.

12 - When using metallic tubing, de-burr the tube ends to avoid potential cutting or other damage to the o-ring.

13 - After assembling a tube connection, tug with moderate force to check for proper gripping of the tube.

14 - Before disassembling tube connections, always verify that pressure has been removed from the system.

15 - When disassembling tube connections, always press the collet evenly toward the body and then pull the tube. If a locking clip is used, remove the locking clip before attempting to separate a tube connection.

16 - When tightening threaded fittings, use care not to over-torque the fitting as this may damage the fitting and cause a leak or other failure.

17 - TS(Tube Support) supports to soft tube and tube at 65°C(150°F) of ambient and fluid temperature.

18 - Our threaded fittings should be complied with our specification.

19 - All Dmfit, Push-fit fittings and tubings carry a period of 2 years limited warranty from the date of original shipment from DMT or its Authorized Reseller.